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Cim Finance helps you boost your activity and offers you simple solutions matching your needs.

Financial services are essential for the effectiveness, profitability and expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in a healthy economy. SMEs contribute to added value and employment but their major challenge is access to the funds needed for their growth, as cash flow is a day to day fight. At Cim Finance, we have a well developed infrastructure to meet the financial needs essential to support the competitiveness and growth of SMEs. Our team provides you the expert guidance needed to manage your company. Our motto is to improve and facilitate access to finance to help you achieve your full potential!

Cim Finance offers you advice and tools through tailor-made plans
to help you realize your projects.


Preferred partner of SMEs


ONLY supplier of a Factoring plan for SMEs


Offer to renew equipment by Leasing (LEMS)


Cost-effective bundling solutions


Simple & trouble-free procedures

  • Garuda Car Rental

    My company Garuda Car Rental was a dream that started in 2013 with 3 small cars leased by Cim Finance. Today, my company has a fleet of around 10 cars rented to tourists all year round. My business has flourished with the help of CIM Finance. I can guarantee that my loyalty will stay with your company.

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