Make your document verification prior
to Credit application from the comfort
of your home

Authentifying identity of customers is a compliant process that
applies to all financial institutions.

Cim Finance comes with an technological outbreak to simplify
your process with the use of videocall on WhatsApp with your
Cim Finance credit agent. Thanks to the video- VKYC, you can
directly authenticate yourself and provide all relevant hardcopy
documents without leaving your comfort zone.

Simplified Application

The process is simplified due to enhanced direct though online authentification

Easy and practical

Designed to keep you in the comfort of your home without visiting a branch

Available on Mobile devices

WhatsApp available on most stores allows a straight through accessibility to the VKYC

Safe and secured

Cim Finance made use of the latest technology and security norms to ensure data protection.

Facial authentification

The Authentification from your Identity card and you facing the camera ensure the verification of your identity

Artificial Intelligence

Backed by Artificial intelligence, Cimfinance technology ensures the verification from a systems perspective

Get your credit document
approved online with VKYC


Start the process with a
"Hi" on 5251 4848.

A Bot will guide you through the process
and an agent will call you back to
complete your KYC verification.

Ensure that all your documents are
available and handy in hardcopy
when the agent calls you back on WhatsApp.

And in a few minutes, the agent will scan
both your documents and verify your
identity on WhatsApp.

    Available on multiple devices

    The verification can be done on
    either your laptop with a front-facing
    camera or on your mobile device.

    Ensure that the camera is fully
    operational from the web browser
    and that the sound is properly
    configured on your PC.

    The verification can be completed
    easily on your mobile device by using
    the WhatsApp application.

    Get your credit document
    approved online with VKYC

    Step 1

    Send "Hi" on Whatsapp
    on 52514848

    Step 2

    Make your request for
    a personal Credit facility

    Step 3

    Follow the steps for
    verification on VKYC with a
    Cimfinance agent

    Step 4

    Receive an electronic
    agreement to finalise
    the request


    Validate your identity
    and documents

    The Cimfinance agent will go through a number of documents that
    may be requested from you for verification

    National ID

    The National ID will be
    scanned on both sides

    Proof of Address

    A recent proof of address, such as
    a CWA or CEB bill, is acceptable

    Your payslips

    Validating your income
    is crutial to confirm your
    credit amount

    Your Bank details

    The funds will be disbursed on
    your bank account

    Make your document verification
    prior to Credit application from the
    comfort of your home

    Quick access to credit

    With the simplified process, you get access to the right credit facility to support you for an unexpected emergency.

    Cim MoCrédit is an all-purpose credit facility offered to finance any personal project that you wish to pursue e.g. , purchase of a necessary commodity or for any other personal requirement.


    Still unsure, connect with us

    Any doubt before proceeding, no worry!

    A dedicated team will assist you to go through the steps and start
    your credit request process.

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