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Expand your customer base by
offering credit facilities

Credit purchase

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Join the network of Cim 700 credit purchase partners and benefit from our unparalleled expertise. Target a larger share of the consumer market by proposing to your customers to pay their purchases in several monthly payments. 

 The products and services concerned are: electric household appliances, electronic appliances, computers, furniture, hardware (tiling, sanitary ware, fittings…), tools, two-wheeled vehicles (bicycles and motor bikes), games, gym equipment, jewels, spare parts, trips and plane tickets.

If you sell vehicles, equipment (industrial, agricultural…) or products whose unit price exceeds Rs 100,000, Leasing is another way of offering credit facilities.

All credit facilities come with these great benefits



Cim Finance allows you to boost your sales and cash flow



Cim Finance offers you its experience of more than 30 years in credit management.

  • Garuda Car Rental

    My company Garuda Car Rental was a dream that started in 2013 with 3 small cars leased by Cim Finance. Today, my company has a fleet of around 10 cars rented to tourists all year round. My business has flourished with the help of CIM Finance. I can guarantee that my loyalty will stay with your company.